It is almost safe to say 2021 is a recovery year. “Almost” because the future is uncertain and times may change in a twinkle of an eye; 2020 taught us that lesson. However, we, at Dext, choose to wallow in the blessings of the current age and continue to make the impact we so desire.

As we would hope, this year, though barely 4 months in, has continued to expand the reach and impact of Dext Technology Limited. We highlight some of these glorious moments:
Quite recently, The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) endorsed and recommended Dext’s Science Set.

The Ghanaian-made science set is currently the first and only teaching and learning material required to successfully execute the new Standards-based Science Curriculum for upper primary, junior and senior high schools.

With its approval as a teaching and learning material, The Science Set, will from next term, help students enjoy Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) more and appreciate the practical nature of these subjects.

Another feat worth mentioning is that, Madam Veronica Bekoe, the inventor of the Veronica Bucket, joined hands with Dext to outdoor the new and improved version of the bucket in a bid to further help curb the spread of the Corona Virus.

The new innovation, which uses the pedal system, was designed by Dext Technology Limited and is a build up of the old version. The improved bucket does not compromise price and the ease with which other artisans could readily access materials used in its recreation.

Moving on, Indorama Ventures Limited (IVL) Foundation, a leading plastic waste management company in Thailand, partnered Dext Technology Limited to give 300 students in the Tema Metropolitan area, STEM education with special attention to recycling.

Though this project started in October 2020, its results have been greatly exhibited this year. The selected students have been able to build some incredible innovations such as electronic handwashing machines, smart traffic lights, vacuum cleaners, Bluetooth speakers, remote controlled cars, drones and may others.

As far as reach is concerned, the Dext Science Set continues to be made available to students in the country, as well as, outside its shores.

UNICEF Ghana, with support from KOICA Ghana Office and UNICEF Canada, provided 12.000 teaching and learning materials including Dext Science Sets, to the Ghana Education Service, to reach over 41,000 JHS students and almost 1,500 teachers in 252 schools in four regions of Ghana.

Also in the beginning of the year, the Accra West Rotary Club sponsored the donation of one hundred (100) Science Sets to students of the Kitase Basic School at Kitase, a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

On the international front, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Education, David Moinina, took delivery of some Dext Science Sets to help give some selected young girls in the country, practical STEM education.

In light of more partnerships, Dext also partnered Kumasi-based radio station LUV FM as a sponsor for the second edition of the LUV FM Kiddy Quiz. In addition, Spun Gold Home School Services also collaborated with Dext to offer topnotch home tutoring in STEM to wards of parents who opt for their services.

Notably, Dext Technology Limited also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences. The move is to facilitate the university’s quest to become the most technologically advanced university in the country.

Though the year is still young, in all its engagements, the company has learnt and unlearnt and would stop at nothing to see its impact being felt the world over.

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